Still opressed by the Cult of Scientology

The cult are continuosly pimping search engines on internet with lies and defamatory information about me. Top search hit on google on my name is still critic from The National Board of Health in Sweden from 2012 on a case regarding a man who killed his wife 7 month after I cured him from a severe depression.(Now mostly removed by domain owners at my request). The internal investigation was a scam and conspiracy from rival collegues at the hospital to get rid of me. When the case was rewieved in higher court, The National Board of Health and Wellfare itself was critizised for not having done an impartial investigation of their own, amongst other things.

The clinic, were my collegue as chief medical physician was responsible, was also critizised for not having corrected earlier received criticism regarding inadequate work routines,  routines which played a major role in my case. The Chief Medical officer at the hospital, the chief medical physician at the clinic, has both, after this ”affair”, decided to take an early retirement. I am not, however, suggesting a direct causative relation with my case. The hospital manager was, after several serious events an conflicts with management at other clinics at the hospital, fired because of gross incompetence.

My history with the cult goes way back too 2003 when I publicly critized and demasked their operations. All of which you can read on this site in the articles about Narconon  above.