Judges on Hubbard

”Unfortunately the Government did not move to stop the practice of Scientology® and a related ‘science’ known as Dianetics® when these activities first appeared and were gaining public acceptance. Had it done so, this tedious litigation would not have been necessary.” –


”[The court record is] replete with evidence [that Scientology] is nothing in reality but a vast enterprise to extract the maximum amount of money from its adepts by pseudo scientific theories… and to exercise a kind of blackmail against persons who do not wish to continue with their sect. […]In addition to violating and abusing its own members civil rights, the organization over the years with its ‘Fair Game’ doctrine has harassed and abused those persons not in [Scientology] whom it perceives as enemies. The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder [L. Ron Hubbard]. The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background and achievements. The writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egoism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile.”

— Judge Paul G. Breckenridge, Jr., 6/20/84 (Scientology v. Armstrong, affirmed on appeal 232 Cal.App.3rd 1060, 283 Cal.Rptr. 917.)

”It is an organization with medical, social and ethical practices that are dangerous and harmful. […]In some countries, this organization presents itself as a ‘religion’ (CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY in Greece however as ‘Centre of Applied Philosophy’ – KEPHE). [….] It sometimesappears under the cover of a religious movement in order to receive constitutional protection and enjoy the advantages of ‘religion’ such as tax and currency easing [exemption]. The ‘Centre of Applied Philosophy’ operates under the cover of philosophic Association, it does not have religious character (as its BoD President stated in the 8.6.95 document to the Holy Synod of the [Orthodox] Church of Greece, signedby the then BoD President, mentioning that it is not a religion. However, since 1995 it arbitrarily and in a way contrary to the public morals, started declaring that it is a religion, in order to present itself persecuted because of its members’ religious beliefs”.

— Judge Constandia Angelaki, December 1996, Greece, Attiki Prefecture vs KEPHE (Scientology in Greece) No. 7380/1996 (Verdict dissolves the organization)

”The members are praised, in writing, for conducting unethical or criminal actions. ”[…] The most important, however, is that the Center is maintaining a Department of Special Affairs and Office of Special Affairs, which conduct monitoring of people and report their movements to unidentified centers abroad.”

— Judge Ioannis Angelis, Oct 1995, re: Raid on Scientology center (KEFE) in Greece

”She is especially praised because she managed to bring to KEFE the KIP Report… and consequently offered to the International Administration a vital product, which considerably contributes in handling the suppressive elements in Greece and abroad.”

— Document dated Feb 23, 1993 seized in raid upon Dept. of Special Affairs Office in Greece in 1995, KIP is the Greek Intelligence service, Investigation of espionage is ongoing.

”The invidiousness of the alleged conspiracy is best reflected in the fact that plaintiff was sued 21 times over the course of a 17- month period in jurisdictions ranging from New York to California…. we hold that plaintiff has sufficiently alleged the elements of the tort of malicious prosecution and, for purposes of this case, the tort of civil conspiracy to commit malicious prosecution.”

— Chief Justice Freeman, Illinois Supreme Court, 9/18/97, No. 80868 (Cult Awareness Network v. Church of Scientology, et. al.)

”In reality the ‘church’ is a hugely profitable global racket that survives by intimidating members and critics in a Mafia-like manner. […] Eleven top Scientologists, including Hubbard’s wife, were sent to prison in the early 1980s for infiltrating, burglarizing and wiretapping more than 100 private and government agencies in attempts to block their investigations. […] Scientology has brought hundreds of suits against its perceived enemies and today pays an estimated $20 million annually to more than 100 lawyers. One legal goal of Scientology is to bankrupt the opposition or bury it under paper. The church has 71 active lawsuits against the IRS alone.

[…] ‘In my opinion the church has one of the most effective intelligence operations in the U.S., rivaling even that of the FBI,

said Ted Gunderson, a former head of the FBI’s Los Angeles office.

Foreign governments have been moving even more vigorously against the organization. In Canada the church and nine of its members willbe tried in June on charges of stealing government documents…. Since 1986 authorities in France, Spain and Italy have raided more than 50 Scientology centers. Pending charges against more than 100 of its overseas church members include fraud, extortion, capital flight, coercion, illegally practicing medicine and taking advantage of mentally incapacitated people. In Germany last month, leading politicians accused the cult of trying to infiltrate a major party as well as launching an immense recruitment drive in the east.”

— Richard Behar, TIME Magazine article ”Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power”, May 6, 1991 (cases above all resulted in convictions) (TIME was sued for slander by Scientology over this article, TIME prevailed)

”Convictions, seized church documents and defectors affidavits demonstrate that Scientologists have already indulged in burglary,kidnapping, false imprisonment, espionage, blackmail, and conspiracies to steal government documents and to obstruct justice.”

–Judge A. Wallace Tashima also criticized the cult heavily for its litigation tactics, intended to harass and destroy rather than win the case. The ruling quotes Judge Ideman, who has since recused himself, concerning the cult’s tactics.

”This noncompliance has consisted of evasions, misrepresentations, broken promises and lies, but ultimately with refusal. As part of thisscheme to not comply, the plaintiffs have undertaken a massive campaign of filing every conceivable motion (and some inconceivable)to disguise the true issue in these pretrial proceedings. Apparently viewing litigation as war, plaintiffs by this tactic have had the effect of massively increasing the costs to the other parties, and,for a while, to the Court. The appointment of the Special Master 4 years ago has considerably relieved the burden to this Court. Thes scope of plaintiff’s efforts have to be seen. to be believed. (1,737 filings.) ”Yet it is all puffery — motions without merit or substance.’

— READER’S DIGEST, May 1980, (SCIENTOLOGY: Anatomy of a Malignant Cult)

”He is a fraud and has always been a fraud. My father has always used the confidential information extracted from people during [confessionals] to intimidate, threaten and coerce them to do what he wanted, which often meant getting them to give him money. My father routinely used false threats and [information from confessionals] particularly about crimes people had committed to extort money from them. My father has always held out Scientology and auditing to be based purely on science and not on religious ‘belief or faith. Weregularly promised and distributed publications with ‘scientific guarantees’. This was and has always been common practice. My father and I created a ‘religious front’ only for tax purposes and legal protection ‘from fraud Claims’. We almost always told nearly everyone that Scientology was really science, not a religion, but that the religious front was created to deal with the government.”

— Ronald DeWolf a.k.a. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. (son of L. Ron Hubbard), Affadavit in Schaick v. Church of Scientology, US District Court Mass., No. 79-2491

”Mr. Hubbard showed up for the divorce proceedings in Port Orchard, Wash.; he had another woman with him that he was supposed to have married during 1946. Mrs. Ochs produced two old newspaper article which gave an account of the divorce proceedings of the second wife. The articles in The Mirror’ Los Angeles, Calif. paper dated April 23. 1951 page 12, and the ‘Los Angeles Times’ April 24, 1951 related how Mrs. Sarah Northrup Hubbard, from a Pasadena family, was kidnapped, had her child (Alexis Valery – 13 – month old daughter) taken from her by Hubbard and was asking for a divorce.”

— FBI report of interview with Margaret Ochs (1st wife of L. Ron Hubbard), Inspector W. Beale Grove, Philadelphia District, 2/20/63 (Official documents prove that L. Ron Hubbard was in fact guilty of bigamy)

[…] A Hubbard bulletin of 5 November 1967, ‘Critics of Scientology’, states, ‘…Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her crimes, known and unknown. And act completely confident that those crimes exist….

Hubbard policy of 25 February 1966, ‘Attacks on Scientology,’   .states, Scientology must respond to attacks by ‘…attacking the attackers only. NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to an investigation of the attackers. This is the correct procedure: (1) Spot who is attacking us. (2) Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using our own professionals, not outside agencies … (4) Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime, actual evidence on the attackers to the press. Don’t ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it tough, rough on attackers all the way….’

”On May 19.1973, a New York journalist, Paulette Cooper, was indicted before a federal grand jury on charges of sending bomb threats to the Church of Scientology. In October 1973, in a legal move born of despair, Ms Cooper agreed to take a truth serum test to prove her innocence. It worked and the state shelved the charges. Four years later Ms Cooper was telephoned at her Manhattan apartment by the FBI. They had seized documents from the Church of Scientology and had learned that she had been framed by the sect over the bomb threats and had been the victim of a carefully planned operation aimed at driving her insane or having her gaoled. Ms Cooper qualified as a target of Scientology’s dirty tricks operations because she had been an uncompromising critic of Scientology since December 1969, when her first article on the followers of L. Ron Hubbard was published by a British women’s magazine. The holder of a master’s degree in psychology, Ms Cooper had written a book about the sect, The Scandal of Scientology, published in 1971. The seized Scientology documents show that in the course of their campaign of vilification against Ms Cooper the scientologists:

1. Framed her on the bomb-threat charges, stealing stationery from her apartment to     forge  the threatening letter.

2. Sued her 14 times, at one stage themselves importing copies of her book to the UK to     take advantage of Britain’s notoriously tough libel laws.

3. Put her name on pornographic mailing lists.

4. Stole a legal note from her lawyer to gain an advantage in litigation.

5. Made spurious allegations to the internal revenue service about her father’s tax affairs.

6. Sent agents to befriend her, date her and spy on her.

7. Wrote graffiti in public places giving her telephone number and address. ”

— John Forte (former British Vice-Consul in Corfu) in book ”The Commodore and the Colonels”

[…] Ron Jr. states in a sworn affidavit:

‘I have personal knowledge that my father regularly used illegal drugs including amphetamines, barbituates and hallucinogens. He regularly used cocaine, peyote, and mescaline. According to statements made by attorney Michael Flynn, Hubbard, until at least February of 1980, filled out fraudulent ‘doctor’s’ prescriptions for a large array of medical drugs for himself”.

Also, in the Armstrong trial where the ”Affirmations” [handwritten essays by Hubbard] were introduced, a letter by Hubbard to his first wife was revealed, the last sentence of which declared: ‘I do love you, even if I used to be an opium addict.’

— Bent Corydon (former Mission owner) in his book ”Messiah or Madman?”


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