How to halt and possibly put a stop to new Narconon establishments in Sweden.

When I read in the local paper late spring of 2003 about Narcons plans of re-establishing a new ”treatment centre” in Lättarp, I thought some consumer enlightenment could be a good thing and wrote the paper.

After some research and lots of reading , not least on Operation Clambake and Narconon Exposed 

I putted together an investigation which I filed with the regional governmental authorities. During the process I learned that , judicially, I was not considered a legal party in the case and hence my filed investigation would have no baring to the authorities when trying the application from Narconon. The only legal parties would be Narconon and the community board of wellfare, although the potential neighbors had some complaints which was dismissed. I therefore filed my investigation with the community board of wellfare which had started an investigation of their own by that time.

Despite the fact that the community board made strong and valid legal arguments against a permit, the regional office of governmental authority granted Narconon a permit to go ahead. Reading the written decision from the authority and comparing the conclusions in this particular decision with ordinary authoritative policy on similar ”nursing homes”, there were a lot of confusion amongst the civil servants on the community board. Taking into account the fact that the National Board of Health and Wellfare had been working for sometime on a more stringent legislation for ”nursing homes” (well known fact to regional authorities) that would take effect just three days after the decision of permit was made, (February 3, 2004), makes me wonder about the timing.

The community board appealed to administrational court , arguing mainly lack of ( requested by law ) academic competence and skill in the Narconon management. By this time I had managed to inform and activate my senior collegues on management levels in all three psychiatric clinics in the region , and we made a unanimous written statement to the community board wich in turn filed it as an appendix to the appeal. The permit was subsequently revoked by the court and Narconon has requested a grant to appeal to higher court. A decision in court is due any day now. My guess is that the higher court will refuse the grant to appeal (but you never can tell) in which case Narconon will try to get a grant of appeal in highest court, which for certain, in my opinion, will be denied.

Prof. Folke Sjöqvist advice to the National Board of Health and Wellfare regarding Narconon´s Treatment Program

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Retired MD and Ph.D defense Narconon

Was in fact a bluff.Narconon used a several years old letter from this MD, a letter that was sent to the local authorities in southern sweden regarding the Narconon facility outside Eslöv. The author did of course not reply to my ripost in the paper.


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according to ”Reverent / Pastor – Gun Lanciai in her clear statement


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As usual the scienos shoots themselves in the foot. This time by revealing the fact that Narconon – CCHR and Churh of Scientology is one and the same – all controlled and governed by scienos


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An organisation that is talking loudly about human rights and is acting ruthlessly to silence its critics and distributes pamflettes to vulnerable patients,stating their doctor as a murderer,brainwasher and ”slaveproducer” .


Not Published


I wrote replys to Lanciai and PRO Almgren but they were not published. According to the newseditor , they were fed up with the scientologists , they had not been exposed to any supressive methods , he sad . He also fared that they could be gaining from the exposure in the media.


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Radiointerviews whith me giving my opinions on Narconon and Scientology , plus a lot of other very interesting and revealing stuff , documentaries, interviews on US and English TV, etc.etc.

Provided by freedomfighters and critics from countrys around the world .This mediafiles are available on other sites were I found them. The Xenu radio and TV vault  for one. Much of the files are stored by Anti-Cult   on his homepage

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